Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Inquiry Evaluation

Inquiry Evaluation
I thought are organisation was good apart from when some people can down to look at the people filming when they were not rostered. Are team work was good we all got along with each other! our create took a wee wile to make it would off been easier to make a blog, i is quality because everyone put effort, we all did our rolls.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Monday, December 3, 2007

Christies persuasive Writing

This is my rubric for my persuasive writing piece Here it is
Dear Government,

Imagine an under water world. People communicating just like the fish do under water. People using all kinds of technology under water. People being adopted by sea animals! And that’s just some of the amazing things that I will need to tell you to start planning for the year 3000! Hello my name is Christie. I’m writing this letter to try and influence you to start planning for the future. If you don’t have the technology you could be really stuck. That’s why I’m trying to persuade you to start planning for this possibility. We will not have any place to start building on earth, so we will have to build under water!

We will have to start by building an amazing shop that can turn people into sea people, which will make them able to breathe under water. This would be so cool. If it happens they would be able to communicate with animals! But after they have been transformed they would need an expert to teach them what it is like to be in an under water world. I think this would be a great experience!

The technology will be amazing because it is the year 3000 so TVs will be able to go under water and so will cameras, cell phones and other sorts of technology. This will be so cool because when they are under water they can communicate with people on land. We need to start developing this technology today.

The sea animals that want to adopt you will have to come into an adoption shop. There will be fish that decide which person suits what type of fish, and then they can adopt what person they want. If the humans that want to adopt have a family the parents can do a course.

So just imagine this amazing experience. You would get to have so many memories. You could be a different species for a half of your life, so that is why I’m trying to persuade you to start planning for the year 3000!

Yours truly,


Monday, November 12, 2007

In the last couple of weeks we have been doing gymnastics every wednesday morning we did lot of different activity such as bar, tramp, ribbions, floor and volt! at the end of the week we all got ciertificates saying we passed

Friday, November 9, 2007

Key Competency Reflection

Because I have become more persevering to stuff that I have been very nervous and frightened but i still did it, and I felt great after it.

Using language, symbols and text:
I think I have become more neater in my school books.

Because I share, I'm friendly, i never give up, respects other peoples property.

The arts language:
I'm really proud of myself because i was the Alain in our wearable arts.

Because I've been doing inquiry and I have found some useful info.

because i have been doing lots of things at the same time

Goal setter
Because I have been doing goals at school and i have achieved most of them

self responsible
Because I am a good responsible leader and i am responsible for my learning.

I respect peoples belongings and i respect other people in the class.

Active listener
because I'm always listening and I'm not usually off task

Can put things to use
when i work or hear something interesting I remember it and can put it to use.

Self motivated
I am self motivated because im always trying to beat what i have done.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mt term 4 goals

-My first goal is to keep my room tidy because usually my room is messy and
I would like to have it tidy I will keep my room tidy by every time I get
clothes or a game out ill put it back.

-my second goal is the same as last terms goal I half finished and I still
think I need to work on it. My second goal is to read more because I havent
been reading much. I will achieve it by writing in my dairy every day so I
know if I have achieved my goals I will also read for 15 minutes before I go
to bed.
Also I will always make sure make sure I always have a book to read.

My third goal is to get up erlyier in the morning because resently I have
been getting up at 8 and arriving to school at 8 50 I would like to decrese
this so im getting up at 7.15 so I can finnish off work at school I will do
this by every day decressing my alarm time for about 3 minutes.